soutenir le chancelier autrichien dans son refus du CETA

Chers tous, une pétition pour encourager le chancelier autrichien a rester ferme contre le CETA—ce traite avec le Canada que Hollande et son ministre Fekl prétendent inodore, incolore et sans danger mais qui donnerait aux entreprises americaines [qui ont toutes des filiales au Canada] la capacite de porter plainte contre nos gouvernements [système ISDS] devant des tribunaux prives d’arbitrage contre toute mesure, favorable aux personnes ou a l’environnement, qui risquerait de réduire leurs profits actuels ou futurs et les mettrait aux premières loges pour fixer les régulations.    Nous serions aussi inondes d’OGM, poulets au chlore et autre bœufs aux hormones.

Je ne saurais trop vous encourager a signer, merci, Susan George

From: Martin – WeMove.EU []

Dear Susan,

European leaders will be meeting soon to vote on the dangerous and anti-democratic trade deal between Canada and the European Union known as CETA. However, the EU’s carefully laid secret trade plans might go to waste. The Austrian Chancellor, Christian Kern, is pushing back and he might yet block the deal.

This is a really critical moment to stop CETA. Almost all the pro-trade ducks are in a row — except Austria. If the Austrian Chancellor backs down, CETA will almost certainly be passed, but if he stands firm and blocks the deal, CETA is as good as dead.

We know he is facing down huge pressure from EU leaders to sign the deal — he met with European Commission President Juncker today and reports suggest he is wavering. There is a risk he backs down and signs the deal. So we need to show him that we’ve got his back.

We will send him a Europe-wide open letter and publish in an Austrian newspaper to let him know that hundreds of thousands of Europeans are on his side. He’s facing so much pressure that we need to show him that he’s got support from all over Europe.

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CETA is a huge trade deal that could hand corporations the power to overturn our laws in their favour. If all EU member states agreed it could mean that everything from environmental protection to consumer safety laws are under threat from greedy corporations.

People on the ground in Austria have been busy fighting CETA but now we need to step as up as the WeMove community to join them in the fight. We are joining groups from all over Europe, all working towards the same goal — persuading the Austrian Chancellor to block the deal.

This could be one of our last chances to stop this dangerous and secretive trade deal. The decision the Austrian Chancellor takes in a few days time is of huge importance to all of us. We need to show him that he has support from all over Europe.

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